The Australian Medical Association known as the AMA has calculated a fair and reasonable costing model to meet the rising costs of running a Medical Centre.

Medicare (The free government health insurance for all Australians and reciprocals) does not pay the full amount that is recommended by the AMA that is why there is a difference between what is paid for you by Medicare and the ACTUAL cost of providing you with expert and quality health and medical care. It is your responsibility to absorb the cost of the Gap when there is one.

Like other General Practices, Wangara Medical Centre has decided to subsidise your “true” cost by charging less than the recommended AMA fee.

Our practice understands that you can find medical care elsewhere that is Bulk Billed and we encourage those of you who are looking for this to find a good fit for yourself. We are very confident in our General Practitioners abilities and know that when it comes to quality health, price is not the issue.