Dr Catherine Pham (BPodM) completed her qualification at the University of Western Australia in Podiatric Medicine. She has vast experience in providing holistic care for foot and ankle issues across the public and private sectors.

She has years of experience dealing with a variety of foot related problems both in the adults foot and pediatrics. Catherine will be able to help you with any biomechanical related foot issues, sports/musculoskeletal related injuries, neurological conditions, chronic lower body pain management, paediatric conditions and diabetic neurovascular foot assessments. She is a forward-thinking practitioner, combining the latest innovative treatments and techniques with her vast experience of traditional treatments. This includes, electrosonic ultrasound therapy, foot mobilization therapy, tailored strength and conditioning programs, muscoskeletal soft trigger point release, dry-needling, custom / over-the-counter orthotics, plantar verrucae (wart) treatment, corns and callouses, nail surgery, diabetic check-ups and management plan, foot-wear education/referrals and Veteran’s affairs (DVA) services.

Catherine enjoys staying active, and can be often found doing pilates, working out in the gym and rock-climbing. When she isn’t outdoors, she likes to be creative through painting or cooking.

You don’t need a referral to see Catherine, but your GP may refer you for treatment under Medicare if you are eligible (e.g EPC plan) . Catherine is passionate about providing the highest level of holistic care for her patients, so don’t hesitate to come and see her if you are having any related foot and ankle issues.

Dr. Catherine Pham