Dr Astha Shukla

Independent Contractor

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Dr Astha Shukla graduated from Medicine in 2009, a dedicated practitioner who has worked in several Hospital whilst doing her residency, among them Joondalup Hospital, Royal Perth, Launceston General Hospital, North West Regional Hospital and also St Kilda Super Clinic when she resided in Melbourne.  

Her professional development has included several women’s health seminars, Medical Emergency training, IUD course along with a Diploma in Child Health. Being a mum herself and raising children has given her a deeper insight into the right approach for children and you can be assured that she is amazing with children and parents are more than happy for the care and advice that she has given them.

With Dr Shukla’s approach to medicine, she is direct and tends to tackle issues head on. There is nothing  you cannot discuss with her as she covers all aspects of medicine. 

Women’s Health is also a forefront for her as she is well versed in Mirena insertion and removal, if this is something that you are looking for please do not hesitate, call our reception team to book in a consult to discuss with her. She is also very competent in implanon removal and insertion and can help if this is your choice of contraception.

Dr Astha (as we call her) works 2 days a week so she is onsite and ready for your appointments. She is very good when it comes to keeping her time so you will find that she hardly runs late, she also has later appointments so if you are looking for something a little later than norm you can always check to see if she is available.

Other areas that Dr Astha is happy to consult on are, Mental Health including the plans or consults. Workers Compensation, Chronic Disease Management, Substance Abuse, Antenatal Care, Family Planning, Children and all aspects of their health care, Men’s Health and also general practice.


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Dr Balkrushna (Bali) Patoliya

Independent Contractor

Dr Balkrushna or Bali (as we all like to call him) graduated as a doctor in 2008, having learned at an early age that medicine was something that he would pursue. He and his family lived and worked in Northam so he is no stranger to small rural towns. Dr Bali also speaks a few languages English, Gujarati and Hindi. 

Dr Bali is versatile and has many areas of general practice that he has an interest in, complex care, chronic disease, pain management, children’s health, men’s health, women’s health, mental health, skin (including biopsies, as well as minor procedures), workers compensation, motor vehicle, driver’s medicals as well as employment medicals. 

It has been noted that Dr Bali is a very warm, approachable practitioner who takes the time to listen, consult and offer the best advice for his patients, ensuring that they are receiving the very best treatment from him.

Dr Bali is very enthusiastic about Medical Education which is why you may find that on some days, he will have a Medical Student from Curtin University with him. 

Dr Bali has sessions in the clinic 4 days out of the week. and offers appointments as early as 8:30am. 

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Dr Vasanth Govindappa

Independent Contractor


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Dr Vasanth Govindappa or Dr G as he is has been nicknamed by support workers and patients alike, has lived in Perth now with his family for 10 years. He has been at Wangara Medical Centre as an independent contractor since he first arrived. He has since then worked in many different practices all over Perth both north and south of the river. If you check his website out you will find all the different practices that he consults. www.drgovindappa.com. 

When consulting at Wangra Dr G is always busy, we encourage those wanting an appointment to always book in early, we do have alternate arrangements for those who are not able to schedule their illness and we understand and appreciate these things do happen. 

Dr G has always taken a keen interest in skin, skin cancer, biopsies and minor surgery. This interest was cultivated when he was working in the UK, so we are very blessed that his time there has stood him in good stead and his further professional development has helped him here in sunny Perth. You will find that he regularly has 2 or more minor surgeries booked in throughout his day, and while this may take up a bit of time, we are confident that he rarely runs behind. 

Dr Govindappa is also a very understanding, caring doctor who works with his patients to find the best outcome for them in terms of their health care. He listens and his patients appreciate his time and his knowledge. 

Other areas that Dr G consults are Chronic Disease, Mental Health, Men’s Health, Children’s Health, Therapeutic and Cosmetic Injections, CBD Consultations, Workers Compensation, MVA and Iron Infusions.

As mentioned earlier, he does work in other practices so he is at Wangara 3 days of the week. You can usually find him here on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

When he is not at practising at any of the clinics he loves spending time with his family, camping, at the cricket or out with friends cycling.

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Dr Kon Stamopoulos

Independent Contractor

Dr Kon Stamopoulos is an independent practitioner who does one session on a Friday morning at Wangara. 

He is a UWA graduate and has been practising medicine in Perth ever since. Dr Kon has owned his own practice previously but is more than happy to leave the running of a medical centre to others and get on with helping patients.

Dr Kon has a wealth of experience and he has a loyal following, those who thought he had left the world of medicine have been very pleasantly surprised.

Many of our patients who have been in to see him, always remark on his sense of humour, something that Dr Kon has in abundance and is renown for.

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