Dr. Sargunam Sivaraj (also known as Dr. Sar), is an American Board Certified Audiologist with extensive medical Audiology background. He holds certifications from various internationally recognized Professional Audiology Institutions. He earned his Doctoral degree in Audiology from Massey University, New Zealand. He also studied audiology in India and earned a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Speech and Hearing.

Dr. Sar worked as the professional leader-Audiology over 15 years for Capital and Coast District Health Board (C&C DHB), Wellington, New Zealand. In Perth he worked as Senior Audiologist over 3 Years at Lions Hearing Clinic, Ear Science Institute Perth.

His very passionate in helping patients with their hearing needs and has been practicing audiology for over 30 years. His area of expertise and specialty is in medical Audiology, differential diagnosis of hearing loss. With the extensive medical and paediatric audiology background he offers unique and tailor adjusted hearing solution to his patients. He has the expertise to ensure that his patients receive appropriate hearing solutions, considering the patient’s lifestyle and budget.

He is also very experienced in helping patients with their tinnitus and tinnitus management and on Prevention of hearing loss / Hearing Hygiene.  

Dr Sar often reminds his patients:

“Hearing difficulties are invisible affecting not only the patient but also their friends and family. It has a direct impact on their quality of life”.

“Hearing loss is more noticeable than hearing aids. One can easily hide their hearing aids but not their hearing problems”.

“Using hearing aids is not a sign of old age but having hearing difficulty and not doing anything about it is a sign of old age”

Hearing Consultant / Senior Audiologist
Dr. Sargunam Sivaraj